I believe the products I developed below can help you improve your life. If you don’t have a vision for your life yet, start with my free Create My Vision product. The other products build on that. While the others can help you at any point in your life, you’ll get the biggest benefit by integrating that information into the path you’re traveling to produce the vision you have for your life.

Personal Freedom Path by Nick Riordan

Get started on your path to freedom. Achieve your vision and freedom by improving your health, increasing your wealth, become resilient, and seeking abundance.

Create My Vision

Knowing where you’re going is important. I want to help you create the vision for your life with this free product.

The Self-Interested Podcast with Nick Riordan

A dose of motivation and action to improve your health, wealth, resilience, abundance, freedom.

Health Journey

How much better could your health be in the next 16 weeks?

30 Day Invest in Yourself Challenge

June 2020 Challenge completed! Challenge to be offered again in the future.