P.A.C.E. Action Plan

This P.A.C.E. Action Plan worksheet gets you to think through a scenario and build a multilayered response to thrive when something happens. You’ll want to go into details with your planning. Then test it out to see what you have missed. Once you have identified things you have missed, add those in to your plan.

Here’s an example to get you started: Think through how you get water where you live

  • Primary – Turn on the tap and water comes out
  • Alternate – Can’t use tap water, we have some water in a filter container we can use
  • Contingency – Filter container is empty, time to use some bottled water
  • Emergency – Out of bottled water, the toilet reservoir has some water

Download the P.A.C.E. Action Plan and get started building your multilayered response plans to be able to thrive should something happen.