New Year’s resolutions don’t work. I have a better method for achieving what you want in life.

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Process to Follow

  • Create a board on the wall with painters tape with the following columns
    • Backlog
    • Planned
    • In Progress
    • Done


  • Define your goals for the next quarter (3 months) from your yearly goal
  • Break your quarterly goals down into chunks of work you can get done in about a week
  • All the chunks of work you identified go under the Backlog column to start


  • Each week pick the highest priority items for you and placed them in the Planned column
  • During the week, work on 1 item at a time, move it to the In Progress column (maybe 2, if you’re waiting on something for the other one)
  • When the item is complete, move it to the Done column
  • Start on the next item, move it to In Progress
  • At the end of the week, all items not done get moved to the Backlog and you start the process again